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Video producer for the Ottawa/Gatineau
National Capital Region

Government videos


Thanks to multiple collaborations with the government of Canada, the ministries of Defense, Transportation, Education, etc., VMP understands its clients from the government and the way they work.


We know the goals and interests of different levels of government, as well as the terminology of the various ministries and organizations!


Here are some of the ways we assist our government and military clients.


Trust us!  We know how to turn your project into a thrilling product that will bear its fruits.  Whatever the expected result, we will know how to help you.

Training and Education

Training with the help of a video is a concise and intelligent method which ensures a coherent and efficient way of disseminating information.  We can produce videos, but also interactive media or online tutorials.  Whether you are looking at health and safety, rules and regulations, task descriptions and more, options are infinite and the results are always great.


Recruit employees, collaborators, consultants with the help of a video to ensure you get the best candidates.  Whether the offer is available on recruiting sites, on your website, on social media or on television or the radio, Vision Media Plus will help you find the rare gem.

Briefings and Meetings

Capturing the essence of your argument in a video is an easy way of getting your message across in a stimulant fashion.  Videos also provide you with another possibility: you want to take part in a meeting, an appointment or a discussion but can’t be there? Send a video to express your position so you can have a say in spite of your absence.


Enrich your speech, presentation or PowerPoint slideshow by combining it with an animated video and an elaborate exposé.  We take care of all the preparation and conception.

Community Awareness

You would like to reach the public? You have a message for a target group? An advertisement to put out? A cause to defend? A solution to propose?  Videos are a simple but powerful way to raise awareness. Address the community with the help of a video. VMP will be your guide!

Social Media

Join the rest of the world with a series of short videos that can be loaded on various platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.

Special Events

Add some spice to an event.  Maybe you need a retiring video or you wish to honour someone?  Create a spark to highlight a moment, celebrate a success or launch a new initiative, or liven-up a luncheon or a dinner cocktail, show a video!


Electoral Campaigns

Use a strategic video as your electoral platform to explain who you are and why citizens should support your nomination.  Choose us, and we will help voters choose you!

Make your project a success.


Qualified and competent, the VMP team takes its role of partner seriously and works closely with its clients of government each step of the way, from preparation to production, while ensuring a follow-up during post-production.


Here are the steps VMP takes while producing a video:


  1. Conception

  2. Scripting

  3. Shooting

  4. Editing

  5. Music and animation

  6. Packaging

  7. Distribution


Let us take care of the logistics.  You make only one request, and we deal with all the steps of production!


VMP is a single window approach, one address, one click, and we can provide everything our clients need.


To know more about videos and all they can bring to your government agency, take a look at our work in our portfolio!


We are happy to offer you free consultations so we can discuss potential projects together.


Contact us via email or call us!

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