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Video producer for the Ottawa/Gatineau
National Capital Region

Non-Profit Organizations

Although non-profit organizations play a key role in our society, it’s not easy to stand out nowadays, or even to survive.  We understand that and use methods acquired through experience so that you may be unique and set yourself apart from the competition.


Give a new perspective to your organization.  Express your ideas with the help of a video.


VMP can help an NPO reach its goals.  Here are examples of some of the services we offer:


Enrollment and recruitment of members

Demonstrate your value thanks to our productions.  Use a video to guarantee enrollment and recruitment.  There’s nothing like it to help retain members et promote your NPO!


We offer your valued members and employees possibilities of professional training online, and this service is available in many languages.  Train your personnel with a stimulant program that is outside the box and allows for greater successes.


VMP offers complete services for events by developing original content.  We cover your events on the spot and take care of the editing; we take charge of the conception and production of events, as well as of streaming.  And if you can’t attend an event, offer a video instead!

Public Awareness

Whether we are talking about public service announcements, press releases, educational programs, awareness shows, or public relations, VMP has suggestions for you!


Create your fundraising campaigns or collect funds for a special project.  We know from experience that our videos turn out to be precious tools in this field.  If you want to increase your profits, attract attention or improve your results, VMP is what you need!

Videos are an essential element when it comes to non-profit awareness.

Need help?  Contact us online or phone us!

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