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Video producer for the Ottawa/Gatineau
National Capital Region


Our clients

We have a diversified clientele: municipal, provincial and federal governments, every ministry, non-profit organizations, associations, groups, companies, individuals, small businesses and more.


Our expertise

What is VMP’s specialty? Simple: It’s ALL that surrounds video production.


Our philosophy

VMP’s approach is to personalize video concepts according to the profile and expectations of each project in order to meet the specific needs of each client.


Our competitive advantages

Three great strengths set us apart:

  1. The quality of our service:  VMP’s particularity is to offer its clients a service at once human and professional, with a team whose members are as considerate as they are competent and who will follow you throughout the project.

  2. Our bilingualism: VMP is proud to offer productions in both official languages.

  3. Our security clearance: the whole of VMP’s team is qualified and authorized to work with all required security levels.


Our Team

Emmanuel Menezes

DOP - Director of photography, seasoned cameraman with 25+ years’ experience; cameraman at CJOH, CBC

  • Director

  • Lighting engineer

  • Video Editor

  • Consultant

Mireille Leblanc


  • Project manager

  • Consultant

  • Video editor

  • Motion graphics editor

  • Teleprompter operator

Holly Bridges, APR

Writer/Producer - Award-winning brand journalist with over 10,000 hours' interviewing Subject Matter Experts (20+ years' experience), reporter, anchor with CBC TV & RCAF

  • Story Boarding

  • Interviewing

  • Script, Article, Blog and Social Media Writing

  • Content Marketing

  • Strategic Communications

Gabriel Menezes

Project manager

  • Camera operator

  • Drone operator

  • Teleprompter operator

  • Video Editor

  • Motion graphics editor

Other qualifications: line of video products including: production mixers, automated production control, creation of characters and graphics, automated cameras, routing systems, video servers, master control, terminal equipment, social media management, and control and supervision of networks.

Don’t forget, these associates are 100% bilingual and can work on projects that require a security clearance.

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