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Video producer for the Ottawa/Gatineau
National Capital Region

Communication is key in today’s business world, and videos are second to none when the time has come to make your trademark.  You need a way to stand out?  To create a style for your company, your way, while conveying the message you chose?

VMP offers you this possibility.  Videos will give your company a voice, your voice, with the tone that suits you.


Create a good impression.  Deliver your message in an energetic and convincing fashion.  Use a strong and dynamic method to present the ideas you wish to express.


Here are some options offered by VMP to help businesses reach their goals.


Corporate Videos

Public relations

Lend a hand to your community, the industry and the whole world with a strategic public relations campaign.  A video contributes to convey your message loud and clear.

Human resources

VMP is a great ally to everything that concerns human resources.  Use videos to produce hiring advertisements that will rule out non-qualified candidates.  Broadcast them to an internal or external public.  Think of the efficiency of videos to convey ads, give information on social advantages, provide a glimpse into the business and its orientation, share information about its laws, norms and rules, share success stories, raise community awareness, etc


Strengthen your brand with a video.  Show your philosophy with the help of a clear message and enticing images.  We can also help you create a new look for your business, and thus allow it to take a new turn, anchor it more firmly or bring it to the next level.


Ensure a cohesive approach to your training with the help of videos.  Create interactive modules or short educational videos to highlight various methods of teaching, sets of themes in key areas of your business, current problems, primary interests, etc. Approach teaching differently and allow your clients and employees to learn in a creative and entertaining fashion!

Videos in social media

It’s impossible nowadays to make a company prosper without going through social media.  Add videos to your efforts!  It’s the best way to set yourself apart on social media and to break through in the business world.

VMP works closely with its clients to ensure that their business’s vision and strategy are reflected in each video.  Our work will strengthen your efforts.  We are ready to help you. To know more on business video production or marketing of commercial videos, take a look at our work or contact us online or by phone!

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